Jesus talked openly and often about money. He understood that the relationship between human beings and money is extremely important. We assign money its power; we determine how it is to be used. And yet money is not entirely ours. We make money using the skills, gifts and experiences each of us has been given by God in the life we have been given by God. Therefore a portion of all our money is to be offered back to God in gratitude; a portion given in hopes of making a better world; a portion given in concern and compassion for others. St. Mary's honors each pledge for together we can do great things. Prayerfully consider the life God has given you, the talents, gifts, and skills and then in gratitude and hope, please make a pledge commitment to St. Mary's. Thank you.  

To make an online pledge to St. Mary's, please click here
, or contact St. Mary's church office at (845)351-5122.